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Our Story

Justin Brown and Chris Nieto first considered joining their law practices after they represented co-defendants in a complex federal indictment. Both of their clients walked out of the courtroom without jail time — while every other defendant was sent to prison. From that moment on, a vision was born. Today, Brown & Nieto provides aggressive, top-shelf legal representation for important legal matters at all levels.

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“Mr. Brown saved my life. I owe him everything.”

B.P. (former client),

“We owe C. Justin Brown such a debt of gratitude and there is nothing I can write… that will do justice to how my family and I feel about him and the job he did in representing my brother in a recent criminal defense case.”

J.N. (former client),

“Christopher Nieto is extremely good at what he does and offers an excellent professional relationship with his clients by making them feel at ease even in the most dire situations. He rose high above my expectations…”

B.P. (former client),

“I highly recommend Mr. Nieto . He put in the hard work it takes to win. He really see you as a person not just another client… He keeps you well informed and explains everything clearly and listens.

P.W. (former client),

Recent blog posts

Life Sentence Defeated in Federal Court

October 13, 2016
The Firm is happy to announce that today we defeated a life sentence in federal court. Eleven years ago, while represented by different counsel, D.E. was sentenced to life imprisonment for a non-violent drug offense. Because he had at least two prior drug convictions, he received a mandatory life sentence, without the possibility of parole. It appeared as if he would die in a federal penitentiary. This morning, with his family watching from the gallery, a federal judge reduced his sentence to 19 years and 364 days. With credit for time served, he should be home in about seven years. D.E. had raised several issues of ineffective assistance of counsel before the U.S. District Court of Maryland. Among other issues, he alleged that his trial lawyer had failed to show him all of his discovery, and that he had received bad plea advice. He did much of the early legal work himself, spending countless hours at the prison’s legal library. After years of litigation, and after Brown & Nieto was appointed by the court to represent D.E., the parties were able to come to the negotiating table and reach a settlement that both sides could live with. While we certainly would have preferred for D.E. to be released immediately, the compromise was a fair one, and it was a shining example of a federal prosecutor doing the right thing. Good luck moving forward, D.E.!

National & Local Lawyers File Amicus for Syed

September 16, 2016
Two prominent criminal defense organizations have moved for leave to file an amicus curiae brief on behalf of Adnan Syed, urging the Maryland Court of Special Appeals to deny the State’s appeal and push the case forward toward a new trial. The brief, drafted by Steven Klepper of Kramon & Graham in Baltimore, does not take a side on Syed’s guilt or innocence but notes that “[t]he only satisfactory way to resolve the debate between the believers and doubters is through a retrial.” “A prompt retrial, with all witnesses still available, is the best way for the judiciary to remove any cloud over its processes,” Klepper writes. The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys Association (MCDAA) submitted the brief as “friends of the court.” Here is the submission: AMICUS BRIEF  

Syed’s New Filings: Retry Case

September 15, 2016
Adnan Syed responded today to the State’s recent filings in which the State seeks (1) an appeal of Judge Welch’s order granting a new trial; and (2) a remand of the case back to the circuit court so the State can introduce the testimony of two impeachment witnesses. Syed’s filings urge the Court of Special Appeals to reject the State’s arguments. Justin Brown, Syed’s lead counsel, issues the following statement: “What we are saying in our filings is this: If the State’s case against Syed is so strong — as they claim it to be — the State should retry the case. Give Syed a fair trial and let a jury decide.” “My client has spent more than 17 years in prison based on an unconstitutional conviction for a crime he did not commit. The last thing this case needs right now is more delay.” Here are Syed’s two recent filings: Response to State’s Application for Leave to Appeal Response to State’s Application for Remand

Syed files Conditional Cross Appeal

August 11, 2016
Syed today filed his conditional application for leave to cross appeal. Essentially, we are asking the Court of Special Appeals that, if it hears the State’s appeal of Judge Welch’s Order, we also want to appeal. The state wants to appeal the cell tower issue, upon which the new trial was granted, and we would want to appeal the alibi issue. Here is a link to the filing: Cross ALA (FINAL)