Maryland Post-Conviction

Maryland Post-Conviction

Brown Law is premier law firm for the litigation post-convictions and innocence claims in the state of Maryland and beyond. In recent years we have reversed six life sentences for our clients.

In one of those cases, State v. Adnan Syed, we won a new trial for our client in what was probably the most closely watched post-conviction hearing in the history of the State. In winning that case, we established that Syed’s original trial attorney had been constitutionally ineffective for failing to contact an alibi witness.

We have also won high-profile cases based on claims of prosecutorial misconduct. In State v. Charles Martin, we obtained a new trial for our client by proving that the State had withheld critical evidence from the defense, thereby violating the principles set forth in Brady v. Maryland.

In State v. Lloyd Hall, we successfully set aside Mr. Hall’s life sentence and walked him out of the Montgomery County Circuit Court as a free man.

Post-conviction is one of the most difficult and complicated areas of criminal law. A good post-conviction attorney must be a good trial lawyer, a good investigator, a good researcher, and a good writer. Oftentimes, a post-conviction lawyer must find error committed by another trial or appellate lawyer. For this reason, a post-conviction attorney must be well-rounded in all areas of criminal law, and even some areas of civil law.

The approach of Brown Law is to leave no stone unturned when pursuing a post-conviction. Investigation is often the cornerstone to this process. Investigation must be followed up by skilled judgment, and eventually the filing of the Petition. The actual post-conviction hearing is the culmination of months of work, and requires meticulous preparation.

The attorneys at Brown Law are experienced in the most critical areas of post-conviction: ineffective assistance of counsel under Strickland v. Washington; prosecutorial misconduct claims under Brady v. Maryland; and errant jury instructions or plea litanies.

We have also raised numerous cutting-edge post-conviction issues, including ineffective assistance of counsel in the plea negotiation stage, and ineffective assistance of counsel at sentencing.

If you or a family member need a Maryland post-conviction attorney, please call Brown Law and set up a consultation.