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Brown Law was formed with a fundamental goal: to provide high-end legal counsel
with integrity. We are driven by the understanding that many of our clients face
life-altering challenges. We thrive when the stakes are highest. Because of our past
success, we are confident that we can deliver for you.


Bring our experience to the defense of your federal criminal case. Our track record of success comes from attention to detail, creativity and unrelenting passion.


We take aggressive approach to the defense of your criminal case. We understand that criminal charges always impact your life – and the stakes are always high.


Compassionate release presents an exciting new opportunity for some federal inmates to obtain a sentence reduction. We have won 9 of these cases, and counting…


Our results speak for themselves: in the past year alone, we have obtained post-conviction relief for at least five clients in federal and state court.

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Brown Law Wins the Hardest Cases

At Brown Law, we handle the toughest cases. Whether that means challenging a life sentence or defending a client at a federal jury trial, we thrive on the fight and are driven by a singular goal: winning.

Our results speak for themselves:

  • 7 life sentences overturned.
  • Not guilty verdict in U.S. v Dontray Johnson.
  • 9 clients granted federal compassionate release.
  • Wiretap suppressed in U.S. v. Goods.
  • Mohammad Biglari freed after 27 years in prison.
  • Charges dismissed: money laundering, fraud, identity theft, assault, guns.
Brown Law frees Lloyd Hall after 34 years in Prison.

WHAT OUR clients say

WHAT OUR clients say

BROWN LAW in the spotlight

Maryland’s Juvenile Restoration Act Gives Young Offenders Relief From Long Prison Sentences

On October 1, 2021, a breakthrough law will take effect that could grant early prison release for juvenile offenders serving long sentences. The measure is one of Maryland’s most significant criminal justice reforms in recent memory. The Juvenile Restoration Act, or JRA, lets state courts reduce sentences for people who committed a crime as a…

Federal Compassionate Release Full Steam Ahead with McCoy Decision

In recent decades, there has existed a resounding finality to federal prison sentences. Once a sentence was imposed – no matter how unfair it may have been – it was virtually impossible to get it reduced. Federal law often tied the hands of judges, and forced them to impose punishment that was vastly disproportionate to…

Brown Law Wins Compassionate Release for Corey Riley

We are trying to get inmates out of unsafe prisons and jail one at a time. Today we won compassionate release for Corey Riley, who was incarcerated in California’s Lompoc prison complex. Lompoc has one of the highest rates of COVID-19 infection in the country. By some measures, half of the inmates there have been…

COVID-19 Demonstrates Arbitrariness of Justice System

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has ground the criminal justice system to a virtual halt, there has been a chorus of calls – at both the local and national levels – for prisons to reduce their inmate populations. This is based on science: there are few places more susceptible to the spread of the virus than…