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Brown Law was formed with a fundamental goal: to provide high-end legal counsel
with integrity. We are driven by the understanding that many of our clients face
life-altering challenges. We thrive when the stakes are highest. Because of our past
success, we are confident that we can deliver for you.


Bring our experience to the defense of your federal criminal case. Our track record of success comes from attention to detail, creativity and unrelenting passion.


We take aggressive approach to the defense of your criminal case. We understand that criminal charges always impact your life – and the stakes are always high.


Compassionate release presents an exciting new opportunity for some federal inmates to obtain a sentence reduction. We have won 9 of these cases, and counting…


Our results speak for themselves: in the past year alone, we have obtained post-conviction relief for at least five clients in federal and state court.

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Brown Law Wins the Hardest Cases

At Brown Law, we handle the toughest cases. Whether that means challenging a life sentence or defending a client at a federal jury trial, we thrive on the fight and are driven by a singular goal: winning.

Our results speak for themselves:

  • 7 life sentences overturned.
  • Not guilty verdict in U.S. v Dontray Johnson.
  • 9 clients granted federal compassionate release.
  • Wiretap suppressed in U.S. v. Goods.
  • Mohammad Biglari freed after 27 years in prison.
  • Charges dismissed: money laundering, fraud, identity theft, assault, guns.
Brown Law frees Lloyd Hall after 34 years in Prison.

WHAT OUR clients say

WHAT OUR clients say

Namond Williams
Namond Williams
It was about four years since i was introduced to Justin & Lily, Justin came to see me while Lily and i just spoke on the phone... In the beginning it was hard tryin to articulate my issue because i was speaking from a layman's perspective, basing my argument around emotions rather than fact and yet there was a ton of truth in those emotions that only dedicated professionals would have had the patience, time and foresight to wade through and match it with the law to create a viable argument that would eventually force the courts to look at my situation with "equity & justice" rather than upholding the injustice that had plagued my case for the last 30 years... " Justin, Lily and Brown Law, you are the best" In short my case started in 1990, i was a first time non-violent offender, whom received a 50 year sentence for conspiracy to distribute 846 & money laundering... Since my incarceration numerous laws were changed that would have reduced my original sentence drastically, but unfortunately none of them were made retroactive, therefore i researched and researched, filed and filed all to no avail... In 2013 congress enacted amendment #782, which allowed the courts to reduce all drug levels by 2 which would in turn cause most individuals sentences to be reduced by years ( in my case i was sentenced on a level 42, (30yrs. to life), with the 2 point reduction i was suppose to be resentenced to 30 max, but unfortunately i received 40yrs., ten yrs. outside of the legal guideline... (due in part to lack of due diligence from attorney's "Howard Cardin of Baltimore & William Bernard Norman of Cleveland Ohio.) Justin, Lily and the whole of Brown Law are the new "Dream Team"; since they took over my case i have recommended numerous individuals to their firm from both state and federal. Justin & Lily possess that "It Factor" thats been missing from defense attorney's, they real care !!!
Dawn Williams
Dawn Williams
My experience with Brown Law has honestly been an experience. I've had a lot of ups and downs dealing with my husband's case, but every time there was a low Ms. Lilly or Mr. Brown where there to listen, explain, tell me our best options and consider my opinions. Be it good or bad they were truthful and always available. My journey has been one of a kind. The beautiful ending was that after 30 years in prison on a non-violent drug conviction with no previous convictions he was released from prison with time served. I'm truly grateful to the Brown Law firm.
Mohammad B.
Mohammad B.
Brown Law saved my life. As a result of the incompetence of previously paid attorneys and public defenders, I was incarcerated for 30 years for a crime I did not commit. I always maintained my innocence, but no lawyer was ever willing to fight for me despite being my representation. It was only when I reached out to the Brown Law Firm after learning of their success in high profile cases that the charges against me were dropped and I was able to reunite with my children and grandchildren. Justin Brown and Lyllian Romero are compassionate fighters for justice able to apply common sense while creating unique and eloquent arguments. I only wish I had their services years prior. I am finally free thanks to their attentive and thorough work. If you are looking for representation that is on your side, is non-discriminatory, and actually treats their clients with respect then I highly recommend Brown Law.
David Wiechert
David Wiechert
Justin did a tremendous job representing me in connection with an aggressive federal agency. Even as a small shop he can successfully take on the most sophisticated and well-funded opposing parties and counsel.
Dimple Patel
Dimple Patel
I have nothing but good things to say about the service that Mr. Brown and Miss Romero have provided us. Before coming across Mr. Brown we had hired an attorney who had completely botched our case. We had completely lost hope about our case till we found Mr. Brown online. After reviewing our case he made us feel as if there was a chance and that we could win this case. He got us a very quick hearing and he got the prosecutor to agree with our case and we had our case vacated within no time. My father is the client and he hardly speaks any English yet Mr. Brown and his team were able to patiently and politely work with him, and still get positive results. They are absolutely understanding and professional. They never once made us (the clients) feel uncomfortable like our previous lawyers did. Not only did they have to work on this case but they also had to work with our immigration lawyers that are located all the way in Georgia. If you are looking for an attorney that is competent, convenient, and friendly then I would definitely recommend that you contact Justin Brown for his services. I know I will definitely recommend this law firm to anyone who is searching or in need of one.
Christopher McDonald
Christopher McDonald
Brown Law changed my life. The Brown Law Firm and their top-notch attorneys were able to successfully litigate my case where countless other attorneys and law firms could not. The highly skilled legal team of Justin, Lylian, and Carolyn are professional, prompt, compassionate, and most importantly they get results! I will recommend the Brown Law Firm to everyone I know. Completely satisfied client, Chris
The Brown Law firm was very impressive. Both Lily and Justin are extremely empathetic, organized, professional, strategic, and sharp. I received the desired outcome for my case. I highly recommend Brown Law to anyone seeking a fantastic attorney and excellent customer experience.
Blushing Bombshell
Blushing Bombshell
Carolyn was theee best at helping my husband and I with getting him back home to our family. She made sure everything was taken care of and she was very aggressive with the FBOP. She had answers to all of my questions, it was never a communication issue. When I called she answered, she listened and she took care of my concerns. Carolyn was a life saver for sure. I would definitely recommend Brown Law.
Geezy Cise
Geezy Cise
Very patient and detailed. Worth every dime.
Alfred Sibedwo
Alfred Sibedwo
Brown Law, studied my case very carefully, planned strategies of my case with me very well and implement the strategies excellently. They were very respectful and very reasonable in their charges. I am very grateful for their services to me. Brown Law is highly recommended.

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Amendment 821 could lead to federal sentence reductions

Help could be on the way for an estimated 11,500 people who are currently serving federal sentences in the Bureau of Prisons. Two recent changes to the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines – referred to collectively as Amendment 821 – could lead to significant sentence reductions. The Guidelines changes, generally speaking, apply to two groups: (1) people…

William Mitchell Is Free!

Sometimes lawyers meet extraordinary people who happen to be living behind prison bars. That is the case with Brown Law client William Mitchell, who earlier this month was freed after a Harford County judge agreed to reduce his sentence to, essentially, time served. William first contacted me in 2012, through his parents, when he was…

PG County Murder Reversed; Brown Law’s 7th Life Sentence Overturned

A Prince George’s County judge vacated the murder conviction of Brown Law client Marlon Marshall, finding that his trial counsel was constitutionally ineffective for failing to consult a DNA expert. The case was litigated by Brown Law attorneys Justin Brown and Lylian Romero. Marshall had been convicted in a 2017 murder that occurred at a…