Brown Law represents criminal defendants charged with all types of criminal assaults in Maryland.

An allegation of assault can be particularly serious because it sometimes comes with a long prison sentence. The maximum penalty for first-degree assault is 25 years, while the maximum penalty for second-degree assault is 10 years.

Assault convictions can also have collateral consequences. Sometimes an assault conviction can adversely affect employment, citizenship, or another important right. We are mindful of these issues and we listen to the concerns of our clients.

At Brown Law, we are committed to exploring every option related to your assault charge. First, whenever possible, we will try to get the charges reduced. Sometimes a charge of first-degree assault can be negotiated into a charge of second-degree assault; sometimes a charges of second-degree assault can turn into a charge of reckless endangerment.

We will also explore various defenses. Sometimes the wrong person is charged with an assault they did not commit. Sometimes a person may have done something in self-defense that is mistakenly construed as an assault. We will explore every feasible option and help determine what type of defense is best for your particular case.

One common type of assault is associated with a domestic dispute. Sometimes people who care about each other end up hurting each other. When the police arrive, and criminal charges are filed, the situation can potentially get worse. At Brown Law we are experienced in handling this type of assault and we will seek the resolution that best serves our client.

If you are charged with an assault, please give us a call to see how we can help you.