Maryland Criminal Defense

Maryland Criminal Defense

Brown Law has a successful track record representing criminal defendants in State court, at both the circuit and district level.

We are aware that State charges – large and small – can have a devastating impact on your life. Not only do these charges come with the threat of prison time, but they also can have profound collateral consequences. For example, if you are a nurse or other hospital worker, and you sustain a drug conviction, you could lose your livelihood. If you are on parole or probation, and you are violated, a judge could add years to your sentence. If you are not a citizen, and you sustain a conviction, your immigration status could be in immediate jeopardy. It is because of these collateral consequences that we treat every criminal case seriously.

The minute you think you may be the subject of a criminal investigation or prosecution, you should get an attorney. The early phases are critical, particularly if you goal is to convince the authorities to drop (or lessen) the charges. We see far too many criminal defendants who make poor decisions early in the case, without the benefit of counsel, and thereby jeopardize their bottom line. The stakes are too high to make a mistake early in your case.

We believe that a successful defense is a team effort. Not only do we need to work with the client and the client’s family, but we often will work with investigators and experts. This allows us to stand toe-to-toe with the prosecutor and contest your case on even footing. Why sit back and let the State dictate the terms of the case? We prefer to take the offensive.

At Brown Law, we handle most types of State court criminal matters, including drug offenses, fraud, and violent crimes. Please call today for a consultation.