Federal Criminal Defense

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal criminal charges are inherently serious. Unlike the state system, the U.S. Attorney’s Office rarely drops charges or gives a defendant a free pass. This is partly due to the fact that federal prosecutors are efficient at their jobs – they usually bring strong cases to court, and when they do so, they are confident in their ability to get a conviction. Making matters worse for criminal defendants, federal prosecutors are sometimes emboldened by Maryland’s federal jury pool, which tends to be pro-Government and tough on crime.

At Brown Law, we have a track record of successfully defending federal cases. We have won early dismissals, obtained favorable plea agreements, and earned many sentencing victories. In our most recent jury trial, in United States v. Dontray Johnson, we won a not-guilty jury verdict.

If you have been charged, or are under investigation, it is absolutely critical that you immediately contact an experienced federal defense attorney. Oftentimes, the early stages of an investigation or prosecution are critical to the outcome, and an early mistake can be costly. Whether you are facing white collar charges, or federal drug charges, or even if you have been called to the Grand Jury, there is too much at stake to go it alone.

Our philosophy is guided by a few principles:

First, we believe that putting on a great federal criminal defense requires a team effort. We believe in working with the client, the client’s family, investigators, and various proven experts who can provide an advantage when the going gets tough. When charges are this serious, all hands need to be on deck.

Second, we believe in honesty. This means we will not promise we can do something that we cannot do. We will give honest advice — even if it is not what our client wants to hear. At times this may be painful, but our clients need to know the truth when they are making decisions that could affect the rest of their lives. We believe that a well informed client is a client who will make good decisions.

Third, we believe that success often comes from hard work and attention to detail. We are committed to strong representation from start to finish in a federal criminal case. Whether your case is resolved by plea bargaining, or by trial, we will work hard and stay focused on the bottom line.

Brown Law is comprised of experienced federal criminal defense attorneys. Call today to get the defense of your federal criminal case off to a good start.