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Drug Conspiracy

Federal drug charges are vastly different from Maryland State drug charges. The penalties are extreme, and oftentimes mandatory minimum sentences apply. Just because an attorney is experienced in the state court system does not mean he or she is your best choice for Federal Court.If you are facing federal drug charges, you need a federal drug defense lawyer who is experienced in U.S. District Court.

A federal drug defense lawyer must have a strong knowledge of the statutes, the discovery process, wiretap law, conspiracy law, and the United States Sentencing Guidelines. He must know when to go to trial and when to seek a plea bargain. He must also know the local rules – both formal and informal.

C. Justin Brown and the attorneys at Brown Law have successfully defended numerous drug cases — by jury trial and by suppression and motions hearings. In one recent victory, Mr. Brown litigated a Baltimore City Police Department search of a client’s residence and convinced a federal judge the entry was illegal. The fruits of the search, including guns and drugs, were suppressed. In another case tried in federal court, Mr. Brown successfully suppressed a wiretap, thereby excluding from evidence all of the phone calls that had been recorded by the wiretap.

If you want a strong advocate who will fight your federal drug charges, call Brown Law today for a consultation.

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