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Money Laundering/Structuring

Sometimes honest people make mistakes. What might at first seem like a small transgression can quickly spiral out of control. Like most areas of criminal defense, the early stages of an investigation are critical. If you are contacted by an investigator, and questioned about potential money laundering or structuring, it is imperative that you immediately contact an attorney. If you do not have a reliable Maryland bank fraud/structuring lawyer by your side, you can make costly mistakes.

Because these cases often involve long paper trails, and complex areas of the law, they require an intelligent, patient attorney who knows how to work under the pressure of your case.

Brown Law is a law firm that is experienced in handling these types of cases. In one recent case, we convinced a federal prosecutor to drop the charges against his client the day before she was to be indicted by the Grand Jury. Although we can not guarantee this result in every case, our primary goal is to halt the case before it gains momentum. Put your case on the right track by immediately contacting Brown Law.

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