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The attorneys at Brown Law handle a full range of misdemeanors. Although misdemeanors are considered the least serious type of crime, we understand that any conviction will adversely affect our clients’ lives. In other words, if it is serious to you, it is serious to us.

Misdemeanor crimes in Maryland include: second-degree assault, stalking, harassment, misuse of electronic mail, theft of property less than $1,000, carrying a concealed dangerous weapon, possession of marijuana or other controlled substance, and driving under the influence. While some of these offenses will probably not lead to jail time, others can. Second-degree assault, for instance, has a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment.

At Brown Law we are acutely aware that a conviction for a misdemeanor crime can become part of your permanent record. If you are later convicted of another crime, the judge can consider your prior conviction and impose a harsher sentence. A conviction for a misdemeanor can hurt you when you are applying for a job, renting an apartment, or applying for a professional license. A person convicted of misdemeanor possession of an illegal substance – even for personal consumption – can be barred from receiving financial aid for students.

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor, contact the lawyers at Brown Law. We will carefully evaluate your case and fight for the best result possible.

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