Acquittal in 22-count Indictment for Attempted 1st Degree Murder

On November 2, 2015, Delonte Epps, a client of the firm, was acquitted of all 22 counts in three indictments after a 5-day jury trial in Baltimore City Circuit Court.  The State Attorney’s Office alleged that Mr. Epps was responsible for repeatedly firing a gun into a car occupied by 3 men, wounding one significantly.  He was subsequently charged with attempted first degree murder of all three men as well as various related offenses such as attempted second degree murder, first degree assault, firearm use in the commission of a crime of violence and reckless endangerment.  These were incredibly serious charges, and the stakes were very high.  Both Mr. Epps and the firm were very satisfied with the jury’s verdict.  Justice was served, and our hard work was rewarded with this decision.

From the beginning of this case, Mr. Epps maintained his innocence.  This law firm worked tirelessly to locate witnesses and successfully challenge numerous assertions made by the investigating officers.  As this case progressed throughout the year, our defense grew stronger and stronger.  After almost a year of pre-trial incarceration and continuances, we were able to finally confront the state’s witnesses during trial and explain to the jury why Mr. Epps was not involved in this tragic shooting.  After 4 days of testimony and arguments from the attorneys, the jury only needed approximately an hour to reach their verdict.

In addition to presenting persuasive factual defenses to the charges alleged, the firm also litigated and won an important pre-trial motion.  With only one week notice of this issue, we still were able to adequately prepare.  We located the necessary defense witness to support our position, as well as research relevant case law and present the necessary arguments to win.