Brown Law Wins Compassionate Release for Corey Riley

We are trying to get inmates out of unsafe prisons and jail one at a time. Today we won compassionate release for Corey Riley, who was incarcerated in California’s Lompoc prison complex. Lompoc has one of the highest rates of COVID-19 infection in the country. By some measures, half of the inmates there have been compromised by the virus.

As a result, the prison — like most others around the country — has gone on 24-hour lockdown. The conditions for inmates like Riley have been inhumane. Social distancing is impossible; medical care is inadequate; visits have been halted; and even communication with family and lawyers is next to impossible. The prison has become a breeding ground for the coronavirus and basic human rights have been cast aside.

Today a federal judge issued a written opinion granting compassionate release to Riley — over the Government’s objection. The judge’s order can be read HERE.

If you are seeking compassionate relief please call Brown Law for an evaluation of your case.