Syed: Against All Odds

We recently came across some statistics regarding how frequently the Maryland Court of Special Appeals grants an Application for Leave to Appeal (ALA). As you recall, Adnan Syed, after losing his post-conviction proceeding, filed an ALA. Essentially, in the ALA, Syed asked the Court for permission to file an appeal. This was necessary because a petitioner whose post-conviction was denied (such as Syed) does not have an automatic right of appeal.
The ALA was granted on February 6, 2015.
This statistics for the last five years show just how remarkable this was.
In 2010, 210 applications were filed and 2 were granted.
In 2011, 182 applications were filed and 9 were granted.
In 2012, 189 applications were filed and 1 was granted.
In 2013, 272 applications were filed and 1 was granted.
In 2014, 205 applications were filed and none was granted.
During this five-year period, out of 1058 applications, 13 were granted, a success rate for applicants of 1.22 percent, with no applications granted in 2014.
Well, we know at least one has been granted in 2015!