Syed’s New Filings: Retry Case

Adnan Syed responded today to the State’s recent filings in which the State seeks (1) an appeal of Judge Welch’s order granting a new trial; and (2) a remand of the case back to the circuit court so the State can introduce the testimony of two impeachment witnesses.

Syed’s filings urge the Court of Special Appeals to reject the State’s arguments.

Justin Brown, Syed’s lead counsel, issues the following statement:

“What we are saying in our filings is this: If the State’s case against Syed is so strong — as they claim it to be — the State should retry the case. Give Syed a fair trial and let a jury decide.”

“My client has spent more than 17 years in prison based on an unconstitutional conviction for a crime he did not commit. The last thing this case needs right now is more delay.”

Here are Syed’s two recent filings:

  1. Response to State’s Application for Leave to Appeal
  2. Response to State’s Application for Remand